Sunday, July 19, 2015

Triple Lakes Trail Half Marathon Training Week #1

When I train for full marathons, I run four days a week; when I train for half marathons, I only run three days a week. My body doesn't work well on high mileage, and there's no reason (other than runner's greed) to run more if you've found your sweet spot for a certain distance... in my opinion.

I'm also playing it smart as I'm coming back from injury and not trying to increase my mileage or speed too quickly. I told you here that I've picked my next half marathon to be a trail race so that speed isn't a concern - I'm not going to PR on a trail race, let's be honest.

So my approach for halves! Twice on weekdays, I run between three and seven miles, and one weekend day is usually the long run. I'll have one or two rest days, and I'll incorporate strength training at least twice a week. When I strength train, I make sure I do that first, as it's the priority workout.

Sunday 07/12
REST DAY. Mwahaha, the plan begins with rest. Pretty much aced this workout.

Monday 07/13
5.7 miles + squats + bridges with leg lifts. As I stepped outside for this run, I was super happy. It was cool(er) and overcast. Then I started running and realized that it was cool and overcast because it had thunder stormed that night. Needless to say, it took about 0.003 miles in before I realized the humidity was ridic. Like, I could cut the air probably, microwave it, and use it as gravy... ew, what? Then squats on squats on squats with dumbbells. I wasn't shaking by the last set, which means it's time to up the dumbbell weight! Woo!

On MONDAYS, we wear pink - pink shoes, pink socks, pink shorts. Not pictured: pink headband.

Tuesday 07/14
Triceps + chest + 60 minute elliptical. Huzzah, cross training! Tricep cable pull downs, overhead tricep press, tricep/chest press, chest flys while balancing on a stability ball, then an easy(ish)-peasy(ish) elliptical session.

Wednesday 07/15
1 mile "warm up" + 3.5 miles. Yes, the two need to be separated - they were so not the same run. OKAY. So this day, I flew to California. I was up at 1am east coast time (excitement) to leave at 3:30am to catch flight #1 that left at 6am to get to a one hour layover in Chicago... then four hour flight #2 leaving at local time 8:10am, getting me to San Diego at 10:20am west coast time. Body clock was off three hours meaning legs and hunger were off three hours. Joe picked me up, went back to work, and I explored. I set out for what I planned to be 4 consecutive miles, but for the first few minutes, I headed straight into major people traffic. I was awkwardly dodging all sorts of groups of skateboarders and surfers and children and dogs, and I couldn't enjoy it (plus the fact I was wayyyy out of it from my flights and lack of sleep). Then un-ignorable nature called (TMI?), so I thankfully retraced my steps back to Joe's, equaling about a mile. I set out for a successful take two in the opposite direction, which took me to a bike path along the beach - um, YES. However, I was reminded that I am NOT an afternoon (or after-traveling) runner.

Thursday 07/16
Rest day. This was a big decision, actually. Every race that I've ever, ever, ever, ever done has had a plan that incorporated two rest days a week. After getting hurt, exercising differently, and going to physical therapy, I started working out six days a week. Looking back, that contained a lot of yoga (which I'm no longer doing due to my hip/nerve issues). I hemmed and hawed over what I wanted to do this day for a workout, over-analyzing each aspect from "well, I'm still sort of sore in my upper body from Tuesday and from being upright for like, 24 hours yesterday" to "I really don't want to work my legs today because I need to remember I'm coming back from injury..." I felt like I SHOULD workout, but I didn't want to. That whole addiction thing rang in my head, but the memories of months of crying over painful movements and jogging inabilities were louder.

Saw this sign that day on a walk. Fitting, huh?

Friday 07/17
Biceps + planks + 45 minute stair climber intervals. I felt super rejuvenated this day after my rest day (even though we stayed up until ungodly hours hosting a cook out... er, excuse me, a BBQ... stupid west coasters... anyway). I got a two week membership to Joe's gym down the street and did bicep curls and hammer curls separated by some planking. Then I dominated the stairs. I swear, sometimes stair climbing intervals seem more difficult than running 400 meter or mile repeats. I alternated 3 minutes easy and 4 minutes hard, and I was drenched and huffing and puffing by the end. Oh, and if you're wondering how I got a nice 45 minutes out of those numbers, I began and ended with easy segments. Loved it. On an annoying note though, the machines at this gym shut off after 20 minutes. Rude.

Saturday 07/18
7 miles. We woke up to crashing thunder - like, window-shaking, dog-barking, car-alarming thunder. Luckily, it broke for a bit, so I still got a (humid) run in. I was going to run along Ocean Beach's Sunset Cliffs, but given the slippery ground (and the fact that these are cliffs), I thought it would be safer to run on the bike path I found a few days ago. Positive: I ran through the middle of a 5K! Always a nice bout of inspiration/motivation/competition! Negative: Knee woes. I felt a little tingle in my IT band knee (hip side was fine, praise Jesus). I was told by my first PT that since I had ITBS so badly, I'd probably feel some heaviness and pressure in my knee for the next year or so... I'm hoping this was that and not a re-tightening. I'm planning on going easier with the weekday distances and cardio cross training next week just in case.

What's your favorite cross training activity?
Do you get a little upset when fellow runners don't wave back?


  1. Well! I had things to do this afternoon, but then I found your blog, and have instead been binge-reading your posts rather than cleaning the house (holy crap my in-laws are going to be here in 20 minutes).
    To answer your questions: Favorite cross training activity is yoga, and I do get a little upset when a fellow runner doesn't wave back, unless it's clear they're doing everything they can just to keep going (gasping, trudging, etc), as the guy I passed was yesterday in the 90% humidity. Him, I didn't blame.

    1. I'm glad you found me, and I hope you've enjoyed what you've read! (I also hope your in-laws were understanding ;) haha). And agreed! When a runner is CLEARLY engaged otherwise, I get it. But I hate my waves getting returned with a glare!

  2. I love spinning... but have recently gotten back into weight training. I think it's important for me to stabilize the smaller muscles in my legs. And UM YES - If I wave you MUST wave back or at least acknowledge my presence... what happened to runners being the friendliest?! Haha So glad you had a great week of training : )

    1. I love weight training so much. I feel like a BEAST when I do it. And good to know you demand waves as well :)

  3. You're really smart for not loading up on mileage if you found your sweet spot. Still trying to figure out what mine is, but I don't think I'm one of those people who can handle 50+ mile weeks. You are absolutely killing it in the strength department...I could use some tips!!

    Runners in Pittsburgh are (usually) really friendly and everyone at least smiles at you, usually I get a wave or a "Great Job!" as well. I would probably be a little sad if they ignored me, but that's never happened here! Other places it seems less common, but I just figured it's a Pittsburgh thing :)

    1. While I'd love to do an ultra, I just don't think that's for my body... and thanks! Maybe I'll do a post on my favorite strength training :) Yes, I loooove when you get verbal acknowledgement as well as a wave or high five!

  4. Wow props to you for still getting in that run even though you woke up to terrible conditions. I would have thrown in the towel at that point! I could really learn from your discipline!