Tuesday, June 23, 2015

10 Pescetarian Points to Ponder

It's been about a month and a half of pescetarianism (word?), and I'd like to share some insight.

But first!

Shifting your diet is a big move, and I highly recommend doing so with a flexible attitude. Just know that you don't have anything to "prove" - if you choose to give up meat but then decide a few days/weeks/months later it's not for you, you didn't let anyone down, you aren't a failure, and no one can or should judge you.

That being said, allow me to enlighten you on a few things to remember before shooing away the furry and feathery protein crowd:

  1. Realistically assess your favorite fast food restaurants. Chick-fil-A has the word CHICK in it for a reason. There is a void in my life that only a char-grilled sandwich can fill. Alas.
  2. Have a conversation with the members of your household and their olfactory preferences. It's a new rule here that after I make my meals, all the trash goes into the street trashcan, not the kitchen one. 
    Mmm, dat smell.
  3. If asked, you're a vegetarian. It's much easier than saying "pescetarian" and requested to explain.
  4. However, although verbally you're a vegetarian, you can stray from veggie menus. Sometimes those menus won't have shit, but if you look at the normal one, it'll have some delicious seafood option that you can enjoy!
  5. But on the flip side (again), Finding Nemo takes on a whole new meaning when trying to agree on a restaurant.
    We found food options for BOTH of us!? Totally excited.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT what you eat. I have yet to find any scales, fins, or gills on my body.
  7. Your wallet will be a little lighter. $ seafood > $ deli. 
  8. Beg ask your boyfriend not to boast about his new and improved buffalo wing sauce that you won't get to try on buffalo wings (not to say spicy tuna isn't a thing).
  9. Obviously, you can get your protein from sources other than fish (cough - eggs, beans, and almonds - cough). 
  10. Lastly, however you choose to classify yourself, don't let others classify you! 
    Did I miss anything? ;)


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    1. Haha yes! Tag me, I wanna follow you! @mk_huff :)