Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I want these, please.

Let's take a quick break from running, fitness, injuries, and food, and allow me to show you pretty things that I would like to have.

"No questions - get in the banana."

This is bread. This scares me... but not enough to keep me from wanting it.

That pool.

Except you can't have this AND a cat... good thing I don't have a cat.

Half whiskey, half frozen glass to keep it cold but not watered down!

I like all of this.

I never had a tree house, but I think this one would be the one I would have wanted.

Because food.

How adorable would this be hopping around your house!? And oh so flyyyyy.

All photos have been found via the wonderful, amazing, addicting site, theBERRY.


  1. Hahaha that bunny. I love it! Thanks for the laughs and smiles : )

  2. That watermelon bread looks truly amazing. I would love to try it too.

    1. I can't quite wrap my head around what it would taste like... like is it wheat or cinnamon raisin?! Hahaha.