Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two for the Price of One

I had two topics in mind that I wanted to discuss this week, and both have enough weight to them that they could be their own blog posts... but I got antsy, so here's a BOGO deal from me. You're welcome.

First up - vacations and exercise.

Like many of you, I'm traveling for the 4th of July holiday. I'll be hanging out with my family (parents, grandma, cousins, aunts, etc.) for about a week, starting tonight. While I'm basically already on an extended vacation until graduate school begins in August, I'm still excited for a week of tanning, relaxing, drinking, swimming, and being with family in a new location.


You can feel the "but..." creeping up behind you...

This means no accessible gym. No machines. No weights. And all around more difficultly in fitting in exercise.

There was once a time in my life where this would be a SERIOUS problem. While it still causes me discomfort and a little anxiety, I'm much better about going with the lack-of-routine flow. I know I can fit in makeshift circuits when I don't have equipment (like the one here), but sometimes I'm left feeling like I sort of half-assed my workout.

It's so much more important to spend time with your loved ones than obsessing about your fitness. Trust me, I've returned from vacations in a cloud of regret, wishing I had spent thirty minutes laughing and playing cards with my aunts rather than huffing and puffing about "feeling lazy." 

Maybe this is extreme, but think about it - when you die, do you want your tombstone to read "Great Daughter" or "Great Legs?"

Next up - relationship with God.

As I've briefly mentioned, I have a Bible that's sectioned to take you through it in two years. I just finished.

Throughout the whole thing, my daily reading reminded me about His love for us. It reminded me to pray, to always think about Him, to thank Him, and to consider what really matters. I had this thought that as soon as I finished, I'd be struck with such knowledge, such Biblical wisdom, that I would do what was right more often than not, pray hourly, and show my love to others on a much greater scale.

Yeah, not quite.

Actually, the opposite has happened. As soon as I closed Revelation, it's like I closed my relationship with God. My daily reading was my meditation, my habit-former, and in its absence, I've forgotten all that I've learned. Horrible, but honest.

Don't worry, guys - I plan on starting a new devotion program in order to keep up this relationship. I could tell that I was so much happier when I was talking with Him constantly and when I was loving others the way He loves me. I hate that I've forgotten, but I'm grateful that He's reminded me.

How do you deal with traveling and exercising?
For those of you who are religious, do you ever push God aside?


  1. Completely agree with you about putting aside exercise to spend time with family. I try to incorporate some active activities, either taking a walk with someone or going kayaking if we're at a lake, and just eat healthier than usual. I also try to wake up early to go for a run so I won't miss out on anything!

    I also know just what you mean about pushing God aside. I have been horrible about going to church and doing my daily readings ever since I graduated from college. Definitely something I have to fix soon!!

    1. Glad to know I'm not alone! :) All relationships (God, family, friends...) take focus. I feel so silly sometimes when I let one dwindle because of my own selfishness haha.

  2. I always workout on vacation... I feel like it makes me feel a bit more accomplished and I don't nearly feel as bad just lounging around for the rest of the day. Probably makes me more fun to be around. As I say... I ran so I'm fine : ) Haha. Hope you have an incredible vacation and enjoy the time with your loved ones!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I always work out on vacation too (I'm even bringing a set of weights haha), but I know that I need to relax on the quality/length of my workouts! ALSO OMG RABBIT RABBIT TOMORROW!

  3. So many great thoughts here :) I struggle daily with my belief and relationship with God but I'm never giving up. Meditation and journaling help so much with the anxiety that comes from that struggle, that's for sure. I'm also happy to read that you've shifted your thinking when it comes to exercise while on vacation. There's always a happy medium! http://www.ihadabiglunch.com

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I need to definitely get back into taking purposeful and thoughtful time away from my other daily activities (exercise included ;) ) to talk to God and think on His word!