Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rage Against the [Cardio] Machine: a 30 minute work out for you! No equipment!

When I can't don't have a run planned but want to do cardio, I'm not always feeling up for a machine. I like to create my own little routines, so...


1:00 minute JUMPING JACKS (get jaaaacked)
1:00 minute MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS (ford every stream)
1:00 minute SUMO SQUATS (without the diaper)
1:00 minute RUSSIAN TWISTS - no dumbbell (da! da! da!)
1:00 minute PLANK (you know you love me)
1:00 minute WIDE LEG PULSES (get them calves n’ thighs)
1:00 minute HIGH KNEE JUMPS (skip to my loo, my darlin’)
1:00 minute JUMPING JACKS (yes, again)
1:00 minute FLUTTER KICKS (float like a butterfly, sting like a… sore abdomen?)
1:00 minute TOE SHUFFLES (you’ll need a decent sports bra here)


To make sure you understood what I meant by all of these, or at least had the resources to go find out, I Googled the more unique names.

I give you, Google search toe shuffles:

Thanks, Skechers!

But what I really mean by "toe shuffles" is to stand like you're in a sumo squat but on your toes. Then quicklyquicklyquickly tip toe/bounce/"shuffle," if you will, on your toes... kind of like what the basketball coach does here at 0:24 seconds, but on your toes and super fast... like pumpy and vibrate-y... okay, you know what? Do whatever you want during this minute. Screw it.

Wide leg pulses are in the same stance - sumo squat on your toes - and, well, you basically just sumo squat on your toes, but don't go down as deep. Hence, pulse.

Want to take it up a notch? Do these exercises for 2 minutes! Don't want the whole extra notch but some adjustment? Do these exercises for 1 minute and 42 seconds!

Do you ever make your own workout routines?
Anybody hate interval sessions?

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