Friday, May 29, 2015

6-6-6 & Pesky Pesce

Wednesday night, I was stuck on my floor because that's where I was sleeping for a week before my move in bed thinking about the workout I'd do before my drive. First world problems?

I was debating between time on the stationary bike or a makeshift cardio workout, similar to the one here. I was thinking something along the lines of six exercises for six minutes (one minute each) six times.

I still couldn't decide when I woke up, so I went to Panera to hash it out over some yogurt and coffee. Turns out, at the particular Panera I went to, a medium coffee, banana, and parfait cost $6.66. I took that as a sign.

No, I didn't take this picture. Yes, this was a Google image search. And yes, he does look like he's trying to tempt the photographer with deformed poisonous bagels.

For the past three-ish weeks, I've been on a pescetarian diet. Prior to this decision, I really didn't eat much meat (other than fish) anyway, and the main non-scaled protein I did consume was in the form of fast food chicken or processed deli. Since I was 99% of the way there, I figured I might as well try a pesce diet!

I'm usually not one for deleting food groups or parts of them. I personally think that can lead to a feeling of deprivation and thus backfire, but I'm going in with the understanding that this is just for fun, and I can change my mind anytime I want.

So far, so good.

Then one day, I realized I couldn't eat Chick-fil-A.

I used to live off of their market salad.

So much fruity, cheesy, CHICKEN-Y goodness.

No problem. One meal gone. Fine.

Then I realized I couldn't have my go-to driving snack. Beef jerky.

I almost cried was disappointed yesterday as I was staring at the dangling delights in the gas station.

But here's the kicker, guys...

I moved SOUTH. 

If you're familiar with the area, you will know my pain, as I cannot consume the greatest fried chicken the world has to offer.

Needless to say, this pesce thing may not last long...

Any diets you've tried?
Any diets you've failed?


  1. I've never even heard of that chain! It's probably not even worth it or that good ;) I've never really tried a diet, but im trying to limit my gluten recently. It's definitely making a difference!


      I've heard good things about low/no gluten!

  2. There are so many diets I've tried (I would list them all but I'm not sure what the word count is in this comment box).
    Recently I did Paleo. It was working fine but the options are limited at my work cafeteria and I'm too lazy to cook every day, and I'm not a big leftover fan :(

    1. I thought about Paleo, but I love yogurt and cheese way too much! And beer ;)