Saturday, May 16, 2015

Egg Pros and Workout Woes

Well, I think it's safe to say I have a current obsession with poached eggs (and fruit). It's going to be my summer goal to learn and to perfect the makings of poached eggs.

It's also my goal to perfect the eating of poached eggs.

I have two go-to tactics:

  1. Eat around the yolk at first and then shove the final bite into my mouth, thus resulting in a rush of yellowy goodness from my lips (very attractive).
  2. Break the yolk on the dish and dab up what I can but eventually just lean in and lick the plate clean (slightly less appalling, but still makes people question why they're with me).
Did I mention that both options require an obscene amount of Sriracha? AKA the nectar of the gods?

Also in need of perfection are my jump rope abilities. After discovering that I own a jump rope, in my never ending quest to find cardiovascular activities that don't aggravate my IT band or hip, I decided to do a jump rope-elliptical-stationary bike extravaganza.

In my mind, it would go something like: 5 minutes rope, 15 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes bike, repeat X amount of times.

In actuality, it went something like: flail for 3 minutes with a rope that keeps hitting the ceiling of the apartment gym, fold to decrease the length of the rope, try again, hit the rope with my pony tail because now it's too short, give up and elliptical, realize the elliptical is broken so there is zero resistance, pedal around for 5 minutes, repeat several times, sigh in frustration, answer some text messages, totter on over to the bike.

Don't get me wrong, I worked up a sweat... But it was an exasperating sweat.

Anyone have any poached egg tips and tricks?
Sriracha fans? WE'LL BE BEST FRIENDS.
Work out fails?

Happy weekend!

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