Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bon Voyage!

Wish me luck!

Yesterday was my last day at my job and my last day in DC. Today I'll wait for the rush hour traffic to die down before making my drive south.

Oh, theBERRY, always giving me those giggles.

Yesterday was also my last physical therapy appointment, and now we wait to see if my new hip issue lessens without professional help... else, I start up another PT regimen.

Electrotherapy at its finest.

I am so incredibly hopeful that this new adventure brings about the happiest of happenings.

I hope I:
  • Return to running (!!!)
  • Continue to foam roll and stretch
  • Get better at yoga

But I also hope I:
  • Remember all that I've learned here
  • Treat people nicely - I don't know their battles - I'm looking at you, crazy, screaming Metro passenger
  • Branch out and try new things

I'm considering my trek a "drive of faith."  I'm not completely ready to depart, but I need to trust the timing of my life (another one of my favorites sayings). I left PT with a new injury that's not totally resolved. I am leaving DC without saying good bye to some folks. I didn't go to the top of the Washington Monument, I never toured the White House, and I didn't even see a celebrity... I know, my life is in shambles.

I am putting all of my trust into God. I am trusting Him to return me to the sport I love without my hand-holding therapist. I am trusting Him that the relationships built here will always be sources of fond memories. And I'm trusting Him that this path I'm forging now is where I need to be in this moment.

What are you dealing with on your "drive of faith?"

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