Thursday, May 14, 2015

25 Thoughts During Yoga

I love yoga. I really do, but meditation just doesn't come easily to me. I envy those who can sit in stillness and silence for more than 2.5 seconds and be at peace... wait, isn't part of yoga about accepting yourself for what you can do? See? Unsuccessful.

I begin each class SO READY to om may way into contentment and self-love, but it never fails that halfway through shavasana, I'm wiggling, looking around, and stressing over what future MK needs to accomplish.

Well, in the spirit of experiencing, noticing, and reflecting, here are 25 thoughts we all I have during yoga class.

  1. Ahhh, chirping crickets and flutes. Peaceful. Eyes closed. Yes.
  2. Oh, the instructor's voice is so calming. 
  3. Ow. First down dog - come on now, work with me, calves. 
  4. That was not a pretty chaturanga. Okay, next one will be better.
  5. Up! Saluting the sun! Hey-o, sun!
  6. Aaaaand back down. *THUD* Alright, my left side isn't having this low push up thing today.
  7. Again? Really?
  8. I swear, I don't even work this hard during a marathon.
  10. If warriors really stood like this, they probably wouldn't be very good warriors.
  11. Why is she so flexible? Do I look that flexible?
  12. ....Did anyone just hear me fart?
  13. Has it been an hour yet?
  14. No, shh MK! You are becoming one with your breath! Breathe!
  15. One foot. Focus, focus... Wobble, WOBBLE.
  16. Stretching feels goooo... Er, did I just touch someone's foot?
  17. Wait, turn to the right or left? Because now this is some serious awk eye contact.
  18. Headstand. I'm standing on my head... Standing on my... Nooooope.
  20. I'm so hungry. What should I have for dinner?
  21. I totally need to do laundry.
  22. I need to set my alarm early tomorrow.
  23. I need to reply to that email tomorrow.
  24. Are we done!? I have so much to do!
  25. Wait, we're done? Namaste? Nah - 'muh stay right here, thanks.
Can anyone relate?

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