Friday, June 12, 2015

Fun (and Debatably Weird and Unnecessary) Facts About Me

Random ramblings - kind of like two truths and a lie, but these are all truths.

1. I really like to eat in the shower and/or bathtub.

And sometimes I look this creepy doing it.

I'm not sure what it is - maybe the combination of two comfort activities - but I rather enjoy it. Tip: Try to finish your food before you clean yourself, else you're kind of countering the goal of bathing.

2. I'm a fan of cutting open bananas, stuffing some sort of chocolate item inside, and microwaving.

I realize this looks less than ap-PEAL-ing. Ha! Get it!?

And then BuzzFeed decided to try to one-up me on my genius-ness.

3. I hate beets.

How about 0 ways to eat NO beets, Suja? That didn't make sense...

4. For about 6 years, my favorite TV show was Survivor. Then they sort of changed the rules, the girls started wearing jewelry to challenges, and my childhood fantasy of people actually cast away on an island was ruined.

Outwit, outplay, outlast? More like outprimp, outflirt, outscript.

5. I once burned my leg pretty badly trying to use Veet.

This has scarred me for life; I will not use anything but a razor now.

6. Every year for Christmas, my mom gets me tampons as stocking stuffers.

7. I wear Chanel No. 5. No, it's not an old lady smell.

Timeless. And classy. My middle names.

8. My boyfriend and I have matching freckles near our eyes, which is sort of strange.

9. I have a "Read-the-Bible-in-2-Years" Bible, and I just got to Revelation. I'm stoked.

10. I have a tattoo of the symbol for pi on my foot.

I was a math major in college, but it has deeper meaning. Pi represents something seemingly perfect - the unit circle - but it itself isn't perfect; it goes on forever. It's kind of like us. We can try to represent something perfect (Jesus), but we will never be perfect ourselves.

Tell me something random!


  1. I love math, too! I am in a stats class now, and I love solving math problems! Ha. I probably should have been a math teacher, but I can settle for a researcher:)

    1. Haha you can always teach later! Once you've published 293429348 of your research studies and become super famous and quoted in textbooks ;)

  2. Math nerds unite!! Haha. I have two tattoos one on my lower back and one on my left rib cage. People definitely do not expect me to have one, let alone two tattoos. And to be honest... I want another : ) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

    1. I want another toooooo! I've been thinking about one on my shoulder for a few months now... Only problem is that I want it RIGHT where my sports bra rubs, so I'm not sure if I'd have the patience to let it heal before intense workouts bahaha. Have a good weekend yourself!

  3. Totally agree about Survivor! I cant watch any more..the people treat the show like a vacation and don't do any plotting or scheming. Hate it!

    I love the idea behind your tattoo! I've always like pi and celebrate pi day every year, but never thought of it as a metaphor for life. SO beautiful!!

    1. I know, once they started bringing back ex-players, I was officially done. And thank you! I love it, but sometimes I forget I have it on my foot... So when I see it I jump and scream thinking it's like a spider on me hahaha.

  4. How did I not think of that banana trick? Genius.